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We are Albert and Elmina Miller. We reside in Dover, Delaware with our two wonderful daughters, Kayla and Ashlie. Over the years we have built our family on a strong foundation of faith, generosity and integrity; and we strive to incorporate those principals into all that we do.

I was raised in the Amish community in Dover, Delaware. At the age twelve I began work in the construction field with my family. By the time I turned sixteen I was a full-time bricklayer and from there I continued in the masonry field for the next three years. After I turned twenty, I started my own business framing houses for big developers through Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. That same year, my wife and I made the hard decision to leave the Amish community. This decision was so tough, but we remain forever grateful for the hard-working and committed foundation that we were raised in.

Elmina and myself founded A&E Building Service back in 2007...

I stayed in the construction-framing field for the next ten years until the real estate crash began affecting business. At that time, I began renovating kitchens and bathrooms in addition to framework. With these added responsibilities I still wished to further my knowledge of electrical, plumbing and HVAC. This is when I resolved to begin working with a local maintenance company to do just that!

In 2014, I stepped into the real estate world to pursue my passion of renovating homes that were vacant and/or in really bad shape. I participated in a year-long coaching program through DelREIA, with Mike Ferris, and learned a lot about real estate investing and the private funding side of the business. From that program and all that we learned, we began renovating, on average, one or two homes a year while continuing other small side projects as well.

In January of 2017, I decided to take the leap of faith and go all in with the real estate business. I stopped taking on side projects and miscellaneous jobs and began full time work for our very own A&E Building Service. We had more private investors come on board than I could have once believed and I knew this business was going to grow to the next level! By the fall of 2017, we had completed remodeling six properties and purchased four more to renovate that winter.

The winter of 2017-2018, I was brought into connection with great people that I would hire on staff and thus began the A&E Team. Elmina, Kaitlin, Levi, Kayla and myself worked hard to complete home after home and grow our investment business. Throughout 2018 we took on several new renovations, and built a couple of new construction homes as well as custom built homes. We were making my dream of creating quality homes for people come to fruition when once again this business of ours was about to grow some more. An awesome team was divinely aligned and by December 2018 our team of nine fell right into place.

Over the years it was in the course of our continual growth that I fully realized how important every piece of our business is. Investors are where it begins, it's through our partners that we can see our dreams for a property come to life and in our buyers where our intentions are fulfilled.

We look forward to many years ahead of  fulfilling our vision,

Creating prosperity for the betterment of our communities.


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